John Foran

My academic specialty is Movements for Radical Social Change, both 20th century revolutions my book [pdf here] is called Taking Power: On the Origins of Twentieth Century Revolutions in the Third World (Cambridge UP, 2005) and 21st century movements for radical social change, from the global justice movement to Occupy, the Arab Spring, the Zapatistas, and now, esp. the global climate justice movement (see “Beyond Insurgency to Radical Social Change: The New Situation,” pp. 5-25 in Studies in Social Justice (2014): Beyond Insurgency to Radical Social Change: The New Situation | Foran | Studies in Social Justice).

I now work passionately as a scholar-activist on and within the global climate justice movement, which I see as at the center of the struggle for any prospect of achieving social justice and radical social change in the 21st century. A lot of my work is published at Homepage - Resilience. It can also be found in two places that I have helped co-create: the websites of the International Institute of Climate Action and Theory (, and the Climate Justice Project (

I am also involved in a major new curriculum project on teaching climate justice from kindergarten to the university with colleagues in the UC and CSU university systems here in California. I teach university-level courses on “Earth in Crisis,” “Climate Justice,” “Activism,” and “The World in 2050: Sustainable Development and Its Alternatives.”

I am an active member of System Change Not Climate Change, the Green Party of California, and Santa Barbara 350.
May 25, 1955 (Age: 67)
Santa Barbara, Earth
Prof Sociology UC Santa Barbara


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