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  1. Sandra Lindberg

    With Climate Change No Longer in the Future, Adaptation Speeds Up

    You and I are equally concerned about what will happen to food for humans (and for other animals) as climate change proceeds. Not knowing LA very well (I know San Diego better, but even that is knowledge some two decades old), I am wondering how much of brown field lots or vacant lots can be...
  2. Sandra Lindberg

    2018 Marxist Center Conference, CO

    This past weekend I attended the Marxist Center's second annual Conference in Colorado Springs, CO. I started the weekend as an observer but have now joined as an independent member. 90 members and another 100 observers spent a day and a half discussing the draft Points of Unity, which was...
  3. Sandra Lindberg

    Fallout from September '18 EPA Groundwater Ruling Related to Coal Ash

    In Shrinking the Earth: The Rise and Decline of Natural Abundance by Charles Worster, the author tells the story of Imperial Valley, once known as the Colorado Desert, and how capitalists' drive to colonize even these sandy acres led to the creation of an artificial agricultural site on which...
  4. Sandra Lindberg

    Do you think, this country has its act together?

    Gunther, yes the representative government here is in a shambles. But voting, even for the better candidates, is not going to bring system change. That's why gathering together like-minded socialists where you live is so important. Is there a DSA chapter near you? I cannot remember what you told...
  5. Sandra Lindberg

    Why are people still so resentful toward feminists?

    I am glad you are asking the question. Next step: ask your friends what they think. Consider how this issue also relates to capitalism and its tendency to divide people into warring groups. I hope you report back on your conversations.
  6. Sandra Lindberg

    Fallout from September '18 EPA Groundwater Ruling Related to Coal Ash

    This morning I learned that an IL lawsuit against Dynegy was dismissed. The judge ruled that federal law did not govern regulation of the groundwater being polluted by coal ash pits. This decision connects to recent EPA controversies in OK involving groundwater regulation. I've posted links to...
  7. Sandra Lindberg

    IAP: AWM

    "Remarkable Decline in World Birth Rate" The BBC reports on a study tracking birth rates from 1950 to the present. Women are making the choice to have fewer kids. Even in China. Even in Africa.
  8. Sandra Lindberg

    Wages for housework

    My take-away from this post: Federici and her ability to bring these ideas before the US culture decades ago is to be admired. What she accomplished was important. All the assumptions, tendencies, traditions and prejudices that put caring for where one lives or the children at the bottom of...
  9. Sandra Lindberg

    Tyndall Air Force Base a "Complete Loss" after Hurricane Michael

    So as long as climate change marches forward and places like this remain in harms way, shouldn't the military voluntarily decide not to rebuild in this location? Couldn't this destruction be an opportunity for military down-sizing and the base and its very expensive stealth fighters not be...
  10. Sandra Lindberg

    How Tesla* Will Help Save The World & Reform Capitalism [food for thought - or ridicule? G.R.]

    Gunther, I'm curious. Can you describe how you agree or disagree with this article? I am not a fan of technological answers for our current problems--especially if current social, political and economic systems are not reinvented. I also am not a fan of a few guys with a great deal of wealth...
  11. Sandra Lindberg

    "Who's Afraid of Ideology? Ecofeminist Practices Between Internationalism and Globalism" by Marwa Arsanios, e-flux Journal #93, September 2018

    Arsanios' article briefly describes the Kurdish revolutionary concept of Jineology. In Roar Magazine, this concept is explored in depth: "Jineology: from women's struggles to liberation, by Brecht Neven and Marlene Sh[a]fers." The Kurdish feminist movement creates working social systems that...
  12. Sandra Lindberg

    "Who's Afraid of Ideology? Ecofeminist Practices Between Internationalism and Globalism" by Marwa Arsanios, e-flux Journal #93, September 2018

    Feminism, USAID, ecofeminism, socialism, ecosocialism: all concepts alive in women's alternative communities in Syria and Iraqi Kurdistan. All deeply affected by war and violence. In describing the lives of the women, Arsanios poses the question, Another take-away concept from the article...
  13. Sandra Lindberg

    IAP: AWM

    Finally, a source from my favorite journal, Monthly Review, and an article titled "Women and Class: What Has Happened in Forty Years?" Though the article lacks an eco-socialist perspective, it foregrounds how women lose more and more every year under capitalism. The article was published in...
  14. Sandra Lindberg

    IAP: AWM

    I also want to bring forward this article from a decidedly socialist perspective about the unequal burden women and the nuclear family are forced to assume under capitalism. The article appeared in International Socialist Review (2004) under the title "Turning Back the Clock? Women, Work and...
  15. Sandra Lindberg

    IAP: AWM

    OK, I understand this post might be considered an outlier, but read this article from The Atlantic called "Why Women Choose Not to Have Children," and consider that this phenomenon is already happening. We just need it to happen more often.
  16. Sandra Lindberg

    Fauxomation: a myth busting article

    Love this article: The Automation Charade. Great quote debunking the need for automation: And this one: Hope you check out the article. Sandra Lindberg
  17. Sandra Lindberg

    IAP: AWM

  18. Sandra Lindberg

    IAP: AWM

    I Am Powerful: A Woman’s Manifesto By Sandra Lindberg October 10, 2018 Decatur IL At this time of crises, women especially have an opportunity to profoundly alter the course of a diabolical civilization. Women have participated in their subjugation. Stepping into their power first requires...
  19. Sandra Lindberg

    Markar Melkonian: Let’s ban the single-use bottle by 2019

    Great goal, David. I didn't exactly understand what you were suggesting. So you are organizing to get Pepsi entirely off the campus? I look forward to reading how this action progresses.
  20. Sandra Lindberg

    Markar Melkonian: Let’s ban the single-use bottle by 2019

    At Millikin University in Decatur Illinois, the university has begun to offer university emblazoned metal coffee cups and water bottles. At the university coffee shop, admittedly associated with Starbucks, customers get a significant cut in beverage price if they bring their own cups and...