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  1. Sandra Lindberg

    Of Venezuela. The Situation Does Relate to Climate Change. And the US Has No Business Dictating Anything There

    To Jose P. Welcome to the SCNCC Forum. I appreciate the time and care you have devoted to writing your post on Venezuela. Your strong opinions on this issue ask me to clarify my position, which I will try to do below. First, I do not equate assertions with facts. You passionately claim that...
  2. Sandra Lindberg

    Of Venezuela. The Situation Does Relate to Climate Change. And the US Has No Business Dictating Anything There

    Shanelle, your ability with deflection and non-logical discussion is truly amazing to me. But I sense you will insist on the last word. So go ahead.
  3. Sandra Lindberg

    Trump's EPA Challenging Science Findings about Particulate Air Pollution

    Reposting this from D. Gassman, who posted the link to the SCNCC Organizing list: dfgassman via SCNCC Organizing 2:28 PM (2 hours ago) I urge you to read the article in the link for reasons that you will quickly understand. Sent: Fri, Mar 15, 2019 8:52 am Subject: Latest Trump Abomination...
  4. Sandra Lindberg

    Of Venezuela. The Situation Does Relate to Climate Change. And the US Has No Business Dictating Anything There

    Shanelle, I will agree to disagree with you. Your sources are not without flaws, too, but I have more pressing tasks before me and won't take them apart bit by bit. In the long text you've inserted above the author makes the following statement, "such uncritical sympathy for Chavez" as a...
  5. Sandra Lindberg

    3-5°C rise now ‘locked-in’ for the Arctic

    Link to Reuters article on the Yukon: Canada's Yukon offers free land if you're willing to farm the north | Reuters
  6. Sandra Lindberg

    3-5°C rise now ‘locked-in’ for the Arctic

    Reuters says climate change means more farms in the Yukon. Canada is giving away 160 acre plots Canadians or those who've live in the Yukon at least a year. Area expected to grow wetter and warmer, though winters are still as cold as 20 below. I remain very worried about people living on the...
  7. Sandra Lindberg

    "Can This Radical Approach to Dairies Save US Farms?" from Civil Eats

    Canada has limited milk production for 50 years. It has stabilized milk prices and kept small dairies in business. Finally, US dairy farmers and some of their organizations are demanding the same in the US. This article describes a kind of central planning [why are people in US so ready to allow...
  8. Sandra Lindberg

    "Marx for Today: A Socialist-Feminist Reading" by Johanna Brenner

    From this week's Solidarity Weekly Digest, a clear take on Marxist feminist ideas. The "eco" part of this issue is not explored, but expanded notions of what constitutes labor and workers is. Hope you will take a look: "Marx for Today: A Socialist-Feminist Reading," by Johanna Brenner.
  9. Sandra Lindberg

    "How Farm Policy and Big Ag Impact Farmers in the US and Abroad"

    Here's a link to an interview with Timothy Wise, whose recent book is Eating Tomorrow: Agribusiness, Family Farmers and the Battle for the Future of Food. Wise focuses his research in this book on industrial agriculture in Iowa and its impacts on small local farmers, the state and countries such...
  10. Sandra Lindberg

    WATCH: Dianne Feinstein's Smug Response to Kids Worried About Climate Change

    "Why Is Dianne Feinstein So Opposed to the Green New Deal? Look at her Family's Finances" from In These Times. No surprise here: her family owns interests in fossil fuel companies.
  11. Sandra Lindberg

    HERS Rater Training

    This is my favorite sentence in your post, though the whole piece was really informative: "As eco-socialists, I believe we should be organizing these "green-collar" workers for better working conditions as well as to be leaders for climate action; not to mention challenging systemic racism and...
  12. Sandra Lindberg

    The Anti-Green New Deal Coalition

    Important to know how the opposition tries to frame its arguments. Thanks for posting.
  13. Sandra Lindberg

    "Less Driving, More of Everything Else" in Minneapolis

    CO2 reduction goals in Minneapolis are focusing first on transportation plans that will get cars out of the city: 3/4/2019 Less driving, more of everything else: Mpls. plans for future of transportation -
  14. Sandra Lindberg

    Grassroots Global Justice: Reclaiming Feminisms March Events

    Beginning on March 8 and continuing through the month, the Grassroots Global Justice will create a series of events called the US Chapter of the World March for Women: Grassroots Global Justice Alliance DONATE MENU ABOUT US OUR WORK PRESSROOM RESOURCES CONTACT US Reclaiming Feminisms for...
  15. Sandra Lindberg

    US Infrastructure: Drinking Water and Wastewater Systems, by Dianne Feeley

    This in-depth examination of US water systems is provided by Dianne Feeley, Associate Editor of Against the Current, Solidarity's monthly journal. You are probably aware of water issues in Flint and Detroit MI. Read here about the extensive issues confronting all of us in the US. Infrastructure...
  16. Sandra Lindberg

    Climate Change Ain’t the First Existential Threat

    Yes! I'm following her now. She has several articles about climate change on Medium that pre-date this one. Is she on an SCNCC list? Does anyone know her?
  17. Sandra Lindberg

    "Letter from Zapatistas to Women Who Fight All Over the World"

    This letter asks women who are fighting everywhere, "Where is your light?" MEXICO Letter from Zapatistas to Women Who Fight All Over the World Saturday 16 February 2019 ZAPATISTA ARMY OF NATIONAL LIBERATION. MEXICO. February 2019. To: women who fight all over the world. From: Zapatista women...
  18. Sandra Lindberg

    Farmworkers are on the frontlines of climate change

    This article from Civil Eats by Nano Riley talks about farmworkers who, even in a Florida winter, struggling with the increasing temperatures of climate change. Farmworkers Are on the Frontlines of Climate Change. Can New Laws Protect Them? | Civil Eats
  19. Sandra Lindberg

    A Green New Deal for Decatur IL

    A Green New Deal for Decatur IL Efforts to pass a Green New Deal in Washington D.C. align with important elections in Decatur this spring. Three candidates are running for mayor, and a slate of candidates are vying for open seats on City Council. So far, none of these candidates have spoken of...