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  1. Sandra Lindberg

    Clarifying what is happening in Venezuela: "Socialist Feminism and the Communal State"

    From MR Online: "Socialist Feminism and the Communal State" Originally published: Translated by Internationalist 360 by Blanca Eekhout and María Fernanda Barreto (October 16, 2019). Read this, please. This lady is speaking truth to the propagandists within the US.
  2. Sandra Lindberg

    "The 9% Lie: Industrial Food and Climate Change" by Ronnie Cummins

    This article explains how industrial ag actually is responsible for 40-47% of US carbon emissions. Please give this a read: "The 9% Lie: Industrial Food and Climate Change" by Ronnie Cummins, who is the International Director of the Organic Consumers Association and its Mexico affiliate, Via...
  3. Sandra Lindberg

    "Ecofeminism to Escape Collapse" by Maria Mediavilla

    Dr. Mediavilla has given me permission to post her excellent article on this forum. Here is an excerpt and a link to the full article. And: Her article explores feminism economics, systems theory, reproductive theory, and feedback loops. Hope you check it out: "Ecofeminism to Escape Collapse"
  4. Sandra Lindberg

    The work of Marta Harnecker

    Marta Harnecker died today. Telesur has this obituary for her: Marta Harnecker: The Fighter YouTube has several recordings of Marta Harnecker speaking at conferences about her work and her theories. She authored more than 60 books. She participated in revolutions in Bolivia and Venezuela. She...
  5. Sandra Lindberg

    "What To Do About Predictions of Imminent Food Collapse" by Sandra Lindberg

    "As a member of System Change Not Climate Change, this morning I received links to a couple of YouTube videos about stresses on 2019 crop production. Produced by climate scientist Paul Beckwith, the videos portray the world as teetering on the brink of a profound food shortage. Like so many...
  6. Sandra Lindberg

    Ian Angus part two "Nitrogen Glut: Too much of a good thing"

    Here's the second article in this series on metabolic rift and the nitrogen cycle. There will be a part three that analyzes how this problem has been unfolding since the 19th century. Nitrogen glut: Too much of a good thing is deadly for the biosphere | Climate & Capitalism
  7. Sandra Lindberg

    Ian Angus part one "Nitrogen Crisis: A Neglected Threat to Earth's Life Support Systems"

    Hopefully, at least some of you who read these posts are from the Midwest. Farm country. In addition to being excited at finding this article by Ian Angus, I'm very interested in its topic: the nitrogen cycle's disruption of the Anthropocene. Whahh... ? I fear some of you may say. Bear with me...
  8. Sandra Lindberg

    An article from Dianne Feeley on multiple approaches to a Green New Deal

    Dianne Feeley provides an overview of six organizations' approaches to the GND or what is needed to address climate change. I find it very helpful to see these statements compared side-by-side. "Making the Green New Deal Real" by Dianne Feeley for
  9. Sandra Lindberg

    "The Rise of the Rights of Nature" by Rapid Transition Alliance

    One way to rein in human narcissism is to collectively agree, as a growing number of communities and countries do, that ecosystems should be recognized as "persons" If such a concept can be applied to an artificially constructed legal entity, the corporation, all the more reason for an 'entity'...
  10. Sandra Lindberg

    "End Taxes that Favor the Rich" by Howie Hawkins

    "End Taxes that Favor the Rich" by Howie Hawkins includes suggestions for policy that goes to the heart of some terrible realities in the US, including racial and economic inequality. Hope you check out this article.
  11. Sandra Lindberg

    "Goodbye Revolution?" by Tim Horras for the Marxist Center's Regeneration Magazine

    I heard Tim Horras speak at the Marxist Center conference in Denver this January. A thoughtful and well-studied guy, he works with tenants unions and other base building groups in Philadelphia. Here, he's written an article about tendencies within socialist organizations to either prepare for...
  12. Sandra Lindberg

    "What Urban Liberals Might Learn from Rural Rebels" by Russel Arben Fox

    I like this article, which I saw thanks to the SCNCC Facebook page post. I like it a lot. It's mostly a review of what sounds like a great book, For-Profit Democracy: Why the Government Is Losing the Trust of Rural America by rural sociologist Loka Ashwood, but the article also points out--as I...
  13. Sandra Lindberg

    "A Green New Deal for Agriculture" by Raj Patel and Jim Goodman, for Jacobin

    I've been having a bit of trouble with Jacobin articles lately. Too techno enamored and too centrist for my taste most of the time. But this article, brought to my attention this morning by Steve O. of the SCNCC organizing list is very different. An in-depth look at agricultural history and ways...
  14. Sandra Lindberg

    What are we to make of AOC's recent legislative votes?

    This thread has been moved from the Organize list to the Forum so people can continue the discussion of a very important topic. David Klein Apr 7, 2019, 11:14 AM (1 day ago) to M.D.,, System Erik's post about AOC's votes is somewhat misleading. It leaves out...
  15. Sandra Lindberg

    "Get Up and Get Going: How to Form a Group" by

    With a banner of "Solidarity not Charity," this article recognizes how tough it can be to organize in a town without ecosocialist, socialist, anarchist or communist groups already established. I'm posting this as much for myself as for others on this list. There are very practical ideas in the...
  16. Sandra Lindberg

    "Resistance, Autonomy and Women's Rights in Chiapas" by Caitlin Manning and Joe Bender for Roar Magazine

    Indigenous women in Chiapas describing their road to self-empowerment. In Spanish with English subtitles. Compelling video. "Resistance, Autonomy and Women's Rights in Chiapas"
  17. Sandra Lindberg

    "All of This, We Are Going to Defend" Dispatches from Resistant Mexico, #5, by Caitlin Manning

    A 16 minute video, one in a series by Caitling Manning, describing efforts by groups of local people in Mexico to resist capitalism and build the revolution. Again, dual power methods are used, in this case traditional farming practices are retaught to local populations and the dangers of...
  18. Sandra Lindberg

    "Cooking Against Capitalism: Oaxaca's Traditional Kitchens" from Roar Magazine

    Here's a 12-minute video, part of a series, on people in Mexico who are using traditional practices to build dual power, the ability to create lives outside capitalism even as the struggle to replace capitalism evolves. This video focuses on women's traditional kitchens, their construction and...
  19. Sandra Lindberg

    Climate Change and a Dual Power Approach to Revolution

    I just read this great article on the Marxist Center's* new on-line magazine Regeneration. It's about a dual power approach to building the energy and commitment to system change--and this call for organized local food production focuses specifically on climate change adaptation. I highly...