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  1. David J

    Featured Can the just transition movement survive its mainstream adoption?

    Almost as problematic, perhaps, is the tendency for socialists to place climate change last on their list of issues. Almost as an after thought. I believe this stems from the fact that it is no easy matter coming up with "policy" solutions within the current power structure, which many seem...
  2. David J

    The World's Most Radical Scientist and Other Topics

    Thanks Ted, for bringing the discussion into the "public domain". Although I am officially a member of "the list", I have refrained from joining this thread because I believe our SCNCC forum to be a much better vehicle for these types of discussions. After all the work that went into creating...
  3. David J

    Featured Can the just transition movement survive its mainstream adoption?

    I find the term disingenous; it promises something that cannot be delivered. It should be clear by now that the dream of "capitalism with a human face" is just that, an untenable fantasy. The "social justice" movement has always disavowed this reality in the name of "coalition building" and look...
  4. David J

    China’s Drivers and Planetary Ecological Collapse

    The question I would ask Greenpeace, and everyone, is: What would "panic" even look like? Could it be that the current state of mass disavowal /dissociation is in fact a sub-conscious expression of panic and there is no number (450 ppm) or hockey stick chart that will cause a sudden, immediate...
  5. David J

    Emergency Sustainable Infrastructure

    On the technical side, Derian, I live in the high plains where most agriculture is centered around (hay and pasture) beef production. A few root crops and grains can be grown at scale (still chancy) and vegetables have a short growing season. How would we "diversify trade and produce community...
  6. David J

    Can Divestment from Fossil Fuels Stop the Climate Crisis and Save the World?

    As far as de-funding fossil giants, finance is hardly a "soft" underbelly. As far as how to invest the energy of activists strategically, here in Montana students have tried unsuccessfully since 2012 to get UM regents to divest. NYCity is very "low-hanging fruit" compared to the high plains. The...
  7. David J

    Zapatistas and Scientists Imagine a New System

    In the same way it is a chance for indigenous communities to redesign their relationship to science. Just as the revolution was the synthesis of Marxism, feminism and an indigenous cosmovision. Definitely the way forward. Two of my female comrades ( we call our collective Zootown Zapatistas) are...
  8. David J

    Is "Anthropocene" Being Appropriated for Problematic Purposes?

    I think it is a well intentioned intervention asking lots of important questions. At a time when we are on such shifting sand, wearing tinted glasses, while trying to identify moving targets he is right to suggest "we shouldn't rush.." It is interesting that he doesn't engage with the concept of...
  9. David J

    Too Little, Too Late: Climate Crisis and the OFF Act Bill of Congresswoman Tulsi Gabber

    Thanks Sandra. I fully realize that on the abstract level a slogan like Want What You Desire is easy to proclaim,while nuts and bolts organizing requires nuance. I am now trying to work with Democratic Socialists of America with all the theoretical variation that entails. As with ecosocialists...
  10. David J

    Geoengineering and capitalism

    I imagine the real estate developers in Miami are breathing a huge sigh of relief. In the film version I see Bruce Willis as the entrepreneur/ engineer arriving just in the nick of time to save the planet (and donating some of his profit to Oxfam).
  11. David J

    Climate Crisis and Managed Deindustrialization: Debating Alternatives to Ecological Collapse

    Thanks for the reply Rahul, few would argue with the IE principle in the abstract but to "implement it in practice...within the current framework" seems much more problematic. For instance, each time I start my car I am affecting future generations yet I have no method to account for it...
  12. David J

    Geoengineering and capitalism

    Thanks for this Ryan and David, truly a fascinating look into that tense realm where the political meets the scientific. What struck me hardest was Dan's assertion that "at best we might get to much lower levels of carbon emissions in 30 or more years." Exactly the kind of self-fulfilling...
  13. David J

    Climate Crisis and Managed Deindustrialization: Debating Alternatives to Ecological Collapse

    I think Rahul's piece really helps us identify the key issues in terms of movement strategy going forward; given time constraints, what kind of "transition" facilitates the building of a political constituency (from the "non-converted") while staying true to revolutionary goals? How much time do...
  14. David J

    Debate on Richard Heinberg's Why Climate Change Isn’t Our Biggest Environmental Problem

    This may be an example of the "tech fetishism" that Richard speaks of (above). From today's NYTimes economics reporter Eduardo Porter: "There is no momentum for investing in carbon capture and storage, since it could be seen as condoning the continued use of fossil fuels. Nuclear energy, the...
  15. David J

    Lancet report on impact of climate change fails to mention capitalism

    I just wish Bill McKibben would use the word.
  16. David J

    The Catalan Integral Cooperative … The Simpler Way revolution is well underway!

    Thanks for the reply Dennis, Again, I have no problem with projects that focus on sustainability and the whole Transition thing, as long as they are not held up as the model for resistance and struggle. They won't threaten capitalism, as Trainer claims, and they are somewhat privileged sites. It...
  17. David J

    The Catalan Integral Cooperative … The Simpler Way revolution is well underway!

    I would be cautious about mistaking these types of projects for revolutionary struggle. The "prefigurative" notion of "creating the new in the shell of the old" is a form of folk politics which I believe needs to be transcended at this stage of capitalist crisis. Not that everyone shouldn't try...
  18. David J


    If you are suffering through a post-2017 hangover today you don't want to read the Energy section of the NITI Ayog report that is linked above. It is basically the same report given to Reagan and Thatcher by the Rand Corporation, the same liberal economic assumptions, same devoted faith in the...
  19. David J

    Climate Crisis and Managed Deindustrialization: Debating Alternatives to Ecological Collapse

    "How scaled back?" is as much a spiritual and cultural question as scientific or political and the dialectics of how a society "views nature" are certainly complex. In my view, the theology of Christianity in the last two thousand years has impacted those ethics alongside modes of production and...
  20. David J

    A Description of Critical Tipping Points

    Thanks for clarification David. It is that "non-linear" nature of the crisis which gets so little main-stream attention. I am also seeing lots of people who think it is already too late and are "prepping". Hard to calculate what you would be "prepping" for, it seems to me. Or the city of Miami...