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    Climate change serious threat to CA agriculture

    Los Angeles Times Los Angeles Times March 11, 2018 Climate change poses real threat to breadbasket Climate expected to wreak havoc MICHAEL HILTZIK The California we know is the breadbasket of the nation, producing more than two-thirds of the country’s fruits and nuts, including almonds...
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    Energy economics in CA

    Los Angeles Times Natural gas assumes the throne As coal is supplanted, California’s changing landscape may offer clues into the future of energy’s new king BY ROB NIKOLEWSKI King Coal has been kicked off the throne. Natural gas is now the nation’s leading source of electricity. It is...
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    California moving toward battery storage

    Los Angeles Times PUC tilts further from fossil fuels Push to use batteries for peak demand is a threat to gas plants. BY MARK CHEDIAK California, the state that helped birth the global boom in battery-toting electric vehicles, is trying to spark a similar transformation for utilities...
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    Vanishing Arctic ice could drive future California droughts

    Research article from Dec 5, 2017 Nature Communications is here. Below is the summary from Science Magazine. DK Science Magazine Vanishing Arctic ice could drive future California droughts By...
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    LATimes: CA Labor & Climate

    L.A. Times 10/29/2017 Los Angeles Times In state climate change fight, unions flex muscle Lawmakers reckon with labor’s influence over green legislation UNIONS scored a win with a bill that could block state rebates to electric-car makers in labor disputes. (David Butow For The Times) BY...