just transition

  1. Ted F

    Featured Can the just transition movement survive its mainstream adoption?

    Samantha M. Harvey has written an interesting article published by Earth Island Journal on the danger that "just transition" is becoming another buzzword in the discourse of mainstream environmentalists and their philanthropic sponsors. As "just transition" is becoming a popular term among...
  2. Bonnie Lockhart

    Transit Equity Day

    Anyone else involved in Transit Equity Day? Looks like 14 cities will be participating. Our local SCnCC is partnering in an action here in Berkeley. This national project, initiated by Labor Network for Sustainability (learn more here) captured my imagination in combining climate, labor, and...
  3. Ted F

    Bay Area SCNCC Plans Action for Transit Equity Day - Feb 5

    SCNCC Bay Area is participating in Transit Equity Day next Monday. Date and time is here: Bay Area Transit Equity Day “Transit Equity Day is fast approaching. On February 5th we will honor Rosa Parks’ birthday and the Civil Rights movement by dedicating Transit Equity Day to lift up the...
  4. Steve Ongerth

    Latest News Items from ecology.iww.org (Fall 2017):

    Here you will find weekly updates (and possibly discussion) about the latest news posted on ecology.iww.org (which I currently maintain):
  5. Steve Ongerth

    Restoring the Heartland and Rustbelt through Clean Energy Democracy: an Organizing Proposal

    I present this here for discussion: By Steve Ongerth - IWW Environmental Unionism Caucus, April 29, 2017 The world faces a crises of enormous proportions. Global warming, caused by the continued burning of fossil fuels, threatens life on Earth as we know it, and yet, those most responsible...