strategy and tactics

  1. Fred Murphy

    Discussion on Divestment

    The System Change Not Climate Change listserv has been the venue for a lively debate on the efficacy of campaigns to force divestment from fossil-fuel stocks and possible alternative demands and methods for curtailing carbon emissions. Participants in the exchange have agreed that the topic...
  2. Sandra Lindberg

    Moving Away from Unpaid Labor:Toward A Feminist Eco-Socialist Future

    Leaving Unpaid and Low-Paid Labor Behind: working toward a feminist eco-socialist system [Below are ideas I presented at the latest Solidarity convention in Chicago Illinois. I was part of a panel devoted to ecosocialism. Some of the ideas below are actually gleaned from novels, where I often...
  3. K

    Ecocentric Eco-Socialism as the Solution to the World Social and Planetary Crisis

    Abstract The following essay takes up two interrelated questions posed by the current debate. The first is about the feasibility of transitioning to a hundred percent “clean” renewable energy in the United States by 2050. The second is the existential climate crisis sharply posed by the...