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Beyond Harvey And Irma: Militarizing Homeland Security In The Climate-Change Era

Sandra Lindberg

Thanks for posting this article, which seems to suggest ever-increasing military involvement in US domestic areas. Is that how you read the article?

As I read this, I am even more convinced that neighborhood and city-wide organizing needs to strengthen--or begin--now. Without these communication and goal strategies in place, communities will find their lives organized according to military preferences. Also, any City emergency preparedness plans need to have significant citizen representation and input.

Will you share a little more about your reason(s) for posting the article?


Hello, Sandra. I guess the author's assumption that the military's awareness of climate change is a tool that will be available and useful to save us common people jarred me.

I'm sure the brass will be plotting to help someone, but I doubt if they will be your average workaday human being.

Unless, as you say, we are organized enough to substitute ourselves as the planners for what is coming from climate change AND for stopping the costly U.S. predation on the rest of the globe, it's going to be a long bumpy ride down the drain.

Brad H

Thanks for posting this, Linda. Partly based on Roger's assertion that ecosocialists don't integrate questions of militarism/imperialism/geostrategy etc. sufficiently into their analysis, I've created a category in our articles section on the main website called "militarism". I've added this as a first article. Hoping we find more ways to talk about climate with issues of the repressive/expansionist bent of the capitalist state in mind.