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Capitalism's Attack on Rural Health Care

Sandra Lindberg

When privileged urban white folks tell me that capitalism is at its root a decent system and that its ill effects are only mildly troubling for them, I share articles like the one below.

In rural America, where profit dictates who gets healthcare, farmers and farm workers are putting their lives at risk every day with no hospital safety-net to care for them when they are injured or sick. In These Times is currently running "Rural Emergency: Hospital Closures Are Putting Farmers Out of Business" <Rural Emergency: Hospital Closures Are Putting Farmers Out of Business>

One worker interviewed provided this description for rural life: "As a child who grew up in a farming community, Colburn says she observed that pain is just a part of being a farmer. “It’s taken for granted that your body hurts every day, that your back always hurts.” That’s true for workers employed in some of the most dangerous jobs: Many manual laborers with high rates of injury and repetitive stress injuries are also more likely to be uninsured. In fact, a 2015 study found that 65 percent of commercial farmers identified health insurance costs as the most serious threat to their farms."

A powerful article. Hope you check it out.