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DSA Two Years Later: Where Are We At? Where Are We Headed?

David J

And if it is the GND authored by Data for Progress (?) , some of that language is extremely troubling. I tried to leave a comment noting the lack of mention of the ecosocialist working group as a tendency.... technical failure prevented it. The great sucking vortex of electoral politics is already underway and I fear the worst. Americans are culturally programmed to remain neutered through the whole exhausting Spectacle. DSA is not immune. Alcohol barely helps.

We have seen this movie so many times and the recent play around Cortez's "select committee" should disabuse any and all that this is the way change at the scale and speed needed will happen. It is simply a way for "progressives" to avoid real struggle, the kind that entails risk.

Ted F

David J, I always enjoy reading your comments, but let me respond. GND is an arena for political struggle, not something that has already been "authored." We need to fight for our Green New Deal against the GND of the slogan appropriators, the liberals, the swamp, even the energy companies who will lobby for a carbon tax as a defensive maneuver. We need to explain that a real GND that will meet the scientists' deadline, engage the cooperation of the world, meet the needs of the 99%, etc., must include a vast reduction in military expenditures and numerous other planks that will challenge Business As Usual aka the Capitalist Order.

Of course, every good idea for communicating a entire platform of changes can be coopted and reduced to a meaningless slogan by the opportunists in the Democratic Party. So with the GND. Yet conceding the definition of the GND to the liberals and neolibs at the outset is a virtual concession that the ecosocialist forces are too feeble to organize much of anything that will explain to the American working class why it should support a program that will involve degrowth when they've been told for their entire lives that only growth will give them any hope of a better life. I'm not prepared to make that concession yet. As for Ocasio Cortez being a movie you have seen many times, I think you are just perhaps a bit too jaded. I know there are many who feel that they've seen it all before. Some on the Left, some on the Right, some in the dreadful Middle. The point is to figure out what's new, what's old, and figure out how to engage with the young activists who are in motion.