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Energy Cooperatives: 3 in US and 1 big one in Belgium

Sandra Lindberg

In addition to my appreciation of northeaster US, Minneapolis and Oakland cooperatives ability to provide power, these community owned companies also emphasize energy conservation through insulation of existing homes, schools and churches. A couple stress that residents can become members of the coops even if they have poor credit ratings.

Consumers across the U.S. are organizing to create a multiclass, multirace clean energy system that addresses socioeconomic and environmental justice.

The following excerpt is from the new book Energy Democracy: Advancing Equity in Clean Energy Solutions,edited by Denise Fairchild and Al Weinrub © Island Press 2017

A number of energy cooperatives are taking the lead in defining the new kind of energy cooperative described in the previous section of this chapter. Here we describe the energy cooperatives, Co-op Power, Cooperative Energy Futures, Energy Solidarity Co-op, and Ecopower: what they’ve been able to accomplish and the opportunities and challenges before them.​

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4 Energy Cooperatives Leading The Way To A Sustainable Future

It ain't over 'til it's over, and regardless of what is coming down the pike, projects like these are an opportunity to get to know your neighbors as you have never done before.

What kind of passenger on the Titanic do you want to be? The person who sits in a deck chair convinced s/he is done, or the person who pitches in, gets the kids into the boats, and hopes like hell that some of the ship's passengers will survive? Who do you intend to be?