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Eva Golinger, an American lawyer and confidante of Hugo Chavez, talking about the presence with a view from history

February 18, 2019
Eva Golinger – Episode 120
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Eva Golinger – Episode 120

I think an honest and fair account of Venezuela's years under Chavez and Meduro, the good and bad.


This week CounterPunch Radio continues its coverage of the attempted US-backed coup in Venezuela by chatting with author and attorney Eva Golinger. Eva was a close adviser and confidante of Hugo Chavez, and had a front row seat for the development of the Bolivarian Revolution. Eric and Eva discuss the situation unfolding in Venezuela today and examine how it got to this point. Eva provides her analysis of the domestic and international issues that have led to the crisis, including mismanagement and corruption on the part of the Maduro government, as well as the ongoing US attempts to undermine, destabilize, and ultimately overthrow Maduro and destroy the Bolivarian Revolution. Eric and Eva explore the impact of sanctions on the Venezuelan economy, how the collapse of oil prices impacted the country, Chavez’s vision versus today’s reality, and the ignorance of the Trump administration as to the level of resistance of the Venezuelan people. This in-depth discussion provides the sort of analysis on Venezuela you’re unlikely to find anywhere else!