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Existential Angst

Brad H

Hey Ted, part of me feels the same way. We have been posting articles from Dahr Jamail for years. He's been a stand-out in his courage, his outspoken-ness about the severity of ACD. It's back to the same issues from the top of this discussion - do we talk about it, or do we put it aside as some kind of psychological deformation to 'emphasize' the empiricism of the science and its implications / over the triumphalism and abiding spirit of potential change. Is it a matter of "affect-phobia" (MSKlein) to want to avoid any hint of ACD? I don't know the right measure/balance....but that is why we have this forum... It would be REALLY GREAT if more people emphasized the local activity that is so empowering to each of us.

David J

Obviously "finding the strength" will be different for different people. I have had these same conflicting feelings about the Dark Mountain project, a safe space for people who have lost hope that we can avert catastrophe. There are different thresholds for "finding strength", just as there are for finding "optimism of the spirit" while at the same time facing up to "pessimism of the intellect". Or living within the ambiguity and tension.
But none of this negates the need to speak (and publish) the truth about climate change AND system change.
To Brad's point, I think this EPA rollback of the modest Clean Power Plan reforms is a great place to radicalize moderates, that is, to demonstrate the nature of the capitalist state as it defends its clients. In its brazen, pro-profit recklessness, it lifts the veil on the true workings of capitalist "democracy".
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