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FBI raids climate activists Berrigan house


No DAPL Activists Home Searched By Federal Agents In Iowa

By Staff, www.PopularResistance.org
August 11th, 2017
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Des Moines, IA This morning on August 11, before the sun spoke, over 30 unidentified agents entered the Berrigan House of the Des Moines Catholic Worker, related to a federal investigation regarding Jessica Reznicek and Ruby Montoya‘s peaceful, direct action campaign. the FBI raided Berrigan House here in Des Moines, Iowa, related to a federal investigation to Jess and Ruby’s activities regarding their peaceful actions against the Dakota Access Pipeline. Case No. 4:17-mj-382

Over 30 agents, with guns and assault rifles drawn, entered the home. One agent, “Dave” who refused to identify himself any further, said they had a warrant, but we were unable to see it for several hours as they conducted the search.

We were also unable to reach our attorneys during this time as they had essentially kicked us out of our own homes and denied us access to phone numbers to our attorneys.

All agents, except one, refused to identify themselves.

We did not have the warrant in our hands until several hours later. We were denied access to our home to observe the search.

More than 10 agents left the house with boxes and sealed bags.

We asked to verify the contents of what was contained to insure accountability, but were denied. We were later asked to sign an inventory of what was taken, but we refused as we could not truthfully verify that these contents were seized.

It is confirmed that these agents did in fact take attorney-client-privileged information from Jessica and Ruby. This was only confirmed upon their own inspection as to what was seized.This can greatly impact the opportunity for a fair trial.

Jess and Ruby are still free and not held captive by the state.

The agents wish to speak with Reznicek and Montoya but both do not wish to speak to these agents.


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The article that also needs to be read, "Two Women Claim Responsibility ..." provides the statements of Jessica Reznicek and Ruby Montoya. Read in their own words what they have done, how they did these things, and why: Two Women Claim Responsibility For DAPL Fires And Valve Destruction.

When I interviewed Ms. Reznicek as she and other activists camped on the banks of the Mississippi, she was on the move and had little time to talk. Even so, the few words she spoke to me were like a laser, forcing me to acknowledge how paltry my efforts were/are around climate change and the pipeline issue. I have been trying to do better ever since.

Read about her. She is important. And what she says about news blackouts around her actions are accurate. Just as authorities and the press did not honestly tell Grand Forks residents how immediate the thread of flood from the Red River was back in the '90's, I and many others in the US know firsthand how mainstream news sources somehow manage to avoid writing the really important stories and the hard truths.

We need to keep sharing information like this here. And then we need to distribute the information more widely.