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Feminism & Revolution: Looking Back, Looking Ahead, by Julie Mathaei

Sandra Lindberg

Great overview of where feminism has been and is going. Ecosocialism makes the list, as do ideas about revolutionary economics. Julie Mathaei is an Economics Professor at Wellesley College.

From the article's conclusion:

True feminism—feminism that seeks to liberate all women—leads inexorably to solidarity politics, solidarity economics, and r/evolution—a global citizens movement, as described by the Great Transition Initiative. It is important for feminists, both women and men, to continue to affirm this, and to ascribe to solidarity politics. Feminism must be r/evolutionary if it is to be fully feminist. Moreover, it is imperative that all progressive movements be vigilant about the challenge of intersectionality and commit themselves to eradicating all forms of inequality—including male domination and gender oppression—that they encounter within their organizations and in their organizing.
Read the entire article here: http://greattransition.org/publication/feminism-and-revolution