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Forests and biosequestration

Global Forest Coalition is an outstanding international organization that "supports and coordinates joint NGO/IPO campaigns for socially just and effective forest policy and the rights of Indigenous and other forest peoples." Their projects include Supporting Community Conservation, Underlying Causes of Forest Loss, Agrofuels and Bioenergy, Unsustainable Livestock Production, Life as Commerce (!), and Genetically Engineered Trees. No one who knows anything about climate change can deny the importance of forests, but the dominant paradigm (the COP process and its green capitalist backers/collaborators) is one that ignores the devastating effects of industrial agriculture on forests and the people who live in and around the forests. GFC is dedicated to countering these ways of thinking and, above all, to connecting the dots.

Here's a new report from GFC on the harmful effects of the kind of biosequestration through afforestation that will inevitably be behind the COP 21 "solutions" to climate change, in fact is already happening.

“Large-scale biosequestration almost always involves the establishment of monoculture tree plantations on land that was formerly used for other purposes like agriculture or pasture. The transformation of land to monocultures causes adverse ecological and social impacts such as the loss of biodiversity, land degradation, changes in hydrological cycles, elite resource capture, conflict and violence against mostly poor and vulnerable communities.”
One reason groups like GFC are so important is that they have the potential to make more of us (especially in the Global North) aware of what's going on behind the scenes, as green capitalist schemes destroy the livelihoods of people and the lives of the other organisms around them. We're not supposed to know about this stuff.