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"How Farm Policy and Big Ag Impact Farmers in the US and Abroad"

Sandra Lindberg

Here's a link to an interview with Timothy Wise, whose recent book is Eating Tomorrow: Agribusiness, Family Farmers and the Battle for the Future of Food. Wise focuses his research in this book on industrial agriculture in Iowa and its impacts on small local farmers, the state and countries such as Mexico and India. The guy, as so many authors believe, thinks that US policy change can fix what's broken in agriculture--so he's not an ecosocialist. But what he says in the interview about the effects of industrial agriculture both near and far pull the threads of this broken agricultural system together so it's clear how all of us are connected. I plan to get this book. Check out the interview here: How Farm Policy and Big Ag Impact Farmers in the U.S. and Abroad | Civil Eats
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