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How Tesla* Will Help Save The World & Reform Capitalism [food for thought - or ridicule? G.R.]

Sandra Lindberg

Gunther, I'm curious. Can you describe how you agree or disagree with this article?

I am not a fan of technological answers for our current problems--especially if current social, political and economic systems are not reinvented. I also am not a fan of a few guys with a great deal of wealth and power deciding what is best for the rest of us. That scares the ***** out of me.

Also, the article simply assumes our species will grow to 9-11 billion. Yet, women across the planet are voluntarily reducing the number of children they are having. And we need to reduce our numbers a great deal more. Women can accomplish this change, which is essential.

So I remain curious about your perspective on this article.
Of course, I disagree with this article. It is disconcerting how many people hold the strong belief that technology will lead the path out of impending climate disaster. The result: There is little hope for urgently needed systemic changes. In fact, I have no hope at all. Gunther