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International Women's Day should be every day

Sandra Lindberg

I'm posting a link here to an article from CWI about International Women's Day. One key section of the article offers the following:

For capitalism one important role of the family is to carry the central burden of bringing up the next generation and caring for the sick and elderly. In the second half of the twentieth century, at least in some European countries, this was partly alleviated by the gains won by the working class such as free or cheap healthcare, nurseries, elderly care and so on. Today in every country those gains are under threat, leaving families, particularly women, carrying a horrendous load, often at the same time as working full-time or more in low-paid insecure work, desperately struggling to make ends meet. Socialist feminism fights for equality between the sexes. Our role, however, is not to accept the impossible burdens that capitalism places on families – only arguing about who carries the greater share – but instead to wage a determined struggle for properly-funded universal public services, and well paid jobs with a short working week, in order to lift the load of tasks laid on working class families and give people the chance to enjoy life; including spending time with their loved ones.

This struggle is connected to the struggle for reproductive rights, because only on this basis is it possible for women to win a real right to choose when and whether to have children. Socialists fight for women to have control over their own bodies – so they can decide if and when they want children – but also for women to have affordable high quality homes, free childcare, a decent income and everything else that is necessary to be able to freely to choose to have children.

The struggle for women’s liberation is at root part of the class struggle, in which the struggles by women against their own specific oppression dovetail with those of the working class in general for a fundamental restructuring of society to end all inequality and oppression.
You can read the entire article here: "Capitalism Oppresses Women" at International Women’s Day 2018: Capitalism oppresses women – fight for socialism!

Love the news out of West Virginia, no? Now that's organizing, wildcatting and striking that brings 5% pay increases to all state employees. Well done, teachers in West Virginia (who are overwhelmingly female...).

Wildcat strikes are those strikes that happen before or without 'approval' of governing union management. According to laws written to undercut the power of workers, such strikes are "illegal." Workers have got to take back their rights to strike. The law is undermining worker power.