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John Bellamy Foster on Jacobin and Ecomodernism


Ian Angus

This article has been posted on CLIMATE & CAPITALISM, an ecosocialist journal, reflecting the viewpoint of environmental Marxism.

The editor of Monthly Review responds to ‘socialists’ who view the environmental crisis as a problem of technology, not a fundamental rift in society’s relationship with nature.

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Sandra Lindberg

Now, what we need are MR reading groups, to replace the Jacobin ones :) Seriously, though, this article from Bellamy Foster is so important. Glad it's been posted here.

David J

What is frightening to me is the way this Left-modernist optimism blends so seamlessly with the pro-nuclear push of the Breakthrough Institute and their admirers, such as the NY Times. Breakthrough fellow Alex Tremblath published a book review in Slate recently where he states: "growth, technology and accelerated modernization can solve the twin problems of poverty and environmental devastation." Nordhaus and Shellenberger get published regularly and are quoted by David Brooks on a regular basis. Just yesterday a Times reporter did a piece on the problem with renewables and quoted Shallenberger article in Environmental Progress Magazine.

It is not the conservative deniers we have to worry about. I fear these liberals will find a very receptive audience for their engineering schemes as the climate situation grows increasingly dire.