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McKibben, Sanders Institute: What Can I Do?

It's a throw-away line in this video, but McKibben essentially says campaigns like divestment and blockades will stall the fossil fuel industry to buy time for engineers to make renewable energy more affordable. I thought renewable energy already was affordable, just not so politically blessed by our government? I'm glad McKibben says we need to think big and act as a community, but the long list of urgently needed reforms is completely absent. Could it be because he is speaking through the Sanders Institute and they know the Democrats will not allow a serious plan to address climate change on the table?

Bill McKibben writes via the Sanders' Institute:

Every day, people ask me – what can I do to fight climate change? There are many actions that each one of us can take now and throughout our lives, from bicycling to work to installing solar power. But the biggest thing that anyone can do to fight climate change is to become a little less of an individual.

Individually, we can reduce each of our carbon footprints slightly. Individually, we can use less electricity and not rely on fossil fuels… But together, we can save the planet.

Together, we can make governments, institutions, and corporations divest from fossil fuel. Together, we can elect candidates who vow to keep carbon in the ground. And together, we can use our collective voice to move our local communities, states, and nation to 100% renewable energy.

These are big goals that we can only accomplish through movements. In this video, I lay out some of the ways that we can come together to force change and to save our world.

What Can I Do About Climate Change? | Bill McKibben