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Means of Production or Means of Destruction?

Kamran Nayeri

Ecosocialism requires its own methodology. Presumably, most ecosocialists subscribe to some version of the materialist conception of history. This short "think-piece" poses questions for those who subscribe to Marx's and Engels' historical method in this context. I hope it will generate contributions to the development of a proper methodology for ecosocialist praxis.

Means of Production or Means of Destruction?
I advocate understanding the world from a materialist and historical perspective, but I have found that Marxists often apply historical materialism too rigidly. The past is not a roadmap to the future. Too often I see sweeping conclusions drawn from historical events to justify rigid programs, opposing creative ideas, writing off the role of individuals, or just waiting for conditions to bring the revolution. The real world is not like a laboratory. You can never control all the variables. People also make critical choices. When you heat water to 100C, it boils. But people under pressure have a choice about how they will react. History always makes fools of those who try to predict the future. This is why I believe that politics is fundamentally an art, not a science.