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meeting 10/31 430pm CSUN Oviatt library Freudian Sip

Hello all,
You are invited to the next SCNCC SFV chapter meeting on Wed 10.31 at 430pm. Oviatt library coffee shop, CSUN campus
On the tentative agenda:
Tentative Agenda
  1. Updates
    1. SCNCC co-sponsoring the South Central Farm campus visit
      1. Logistics
    2. Water bottle project
    3. Ecosocialist meeting on Nov 18
    4. Food and Water Watch intern
    5. IPCC report discussion
    6. City Council Loraine Lundquist campaign
  2. Student Chapter - Michelle
    1. Current projects
      1. Permission to post material on SCNCC forum
      2. Updates on The Warriors of Change
      3. Last week meeting (if any)
    2. Connor updates…?
  3. New for this week
    1. Peru in Winter Inga Girshfeld: fund and other ideas
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