• Welcome to the System Change Not Climate Change Community Forum. The Forum's goal is to promote exchange of information, discussion, and debate among ecosocialists and other activists who share our belief that capitalism is driving climate change and that a radical international grassroots movement can stop it.

meeting notes 8.14.2018

David Klein

Present: David, Edie, Mark, Cord, Lisa, Shanelle, Veronica Howard (visiting)

Next Meeting: Wed September 5, 4pm

Plastic Campaign
Ecosocialist Conference
Art Projects
Meeting Schedule

-need committment and accountability in order to make a difference

Plastic Campaign:
-Moving beyond Pepsi water stations. Students still pay for water

Ecosocialist Conference:
-open mic for everyone between sessions at conference – use for social media campaign

Art Projects
-Edie and Lisa art project for this semester: Detritus Theme - display potentials:
- campus garden
- trees around campus, add some kind of tag and tie to assignment, provide workshop
-How would students participating become aware?
- bringing the campus together, learning from the actual art installation
- Ecosocialist Theme: using natural non-purchased items for art supplies
-Veronica: class to pick up trash around campus and have students work on a “culture portrait”, present at event

Meeting Schedule
-Moving forward for the fall semester meetings will be held at the Library on Wednesdays at 4pm

Resources related to discussion:
-Flow Documentary
-Story of Stuff: Story of Stuff
-Climate Resolve: had an event at the Ace Hotel
-Chicago Tribune Michael Hawthorne: Michael Hawthorne
- Proactive/Reactive measures: survival
-Philly Socialists Group: what kind of mobilizing are we doing, tenant unions, base-building examples Fred Hampton - https://caringlabor.files.wordpress.com/2010/09/hilliard-ed-the-black-panther-party-service-to-the-people- programs.pdf
- Ujimaa Medics | Healing. Hopeful. Hood.
- Food sovereignty system: Via Campesina - Globalizing hope, globalizing the struggle !
- Acquiring land – (south central) deciding how empty land will be used
- Public Transit: Ecosocialism: A Radical Alternative to Capitalist Catastrophe Author: Michael Lowy

- Lobby student government and pressure administration
-Cord: research student governmtnet sustainability group and attend meeting
- Mark: Editorial on plastic for Student newspaper
- Lisa, Edie, Veronica: have the art installation project displayed in a campus event, potentially sponsored by SCNCC chapter, collaborative project
-Lisa: funding for speakers
-See possibility from the sustainability liaison site
-contacting speaker for campus event
-Veronica: methods list