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New edition: Ecofeminism as Politics by Ariel Salleh

From the Historical Materialism group:

Ecofeminism as Politics is now a classic, being the first work to offer a
joined-up framework for green, socialist, feminist and postcolonial thinking,
showing how these have been held back by conceptual confusions over gender.
Originally published in 1997, it argues that ecofeminism reaches beyond
contemporary social movement ideologies and practices, by prefiguring a
political synthesis of four-revolutions-in-one: ecology is feminism is
socialism is postcolonial struggle. Ariel Salleh addresses discourses on
class, science, the body, culture and nature, and her innovative reading of
Marx converges the philosophy of internal relations with the organic
materiality of everyday life.

This new edition features forewords by Indian ecofeminist Vandana Shiva and
US philosopher John Clark, a new introduction, and a recent conversation
between Salleh and younger scholar activists.

Ariel Salleh is a founding member of the Global University for
Sustainability, Hong Kong; a visiting professor of culture, philosophy and
environment at Nelson Mandela University; and a research associate in
political economy at the University of Sydney. She also co-founded the
Movement Against Uranium Mining in Australia.

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