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Of Venezuela. The Situation Does Relate to Climate Change. And the US Has No Business Dictating Anything There


This is such a joke. According to them, the food crisis in Venezuela is "not that serious" and during the blackout it was "paradise." And just because those journalists were in Venezuela does not mean they were being honest. Max Blumenthal and Abby Martin also went to Venezuela and made up all kinds of lies to make Maduro look good, because these people work for news networks that are funded by the Russian and Venezuelan governments. Russia has troops in Venezuela, and they very much want Maduro to remain in power. RT Posts Video to ‘Prove’ Venezuelans Don’t Need Outside Humanitarian Aid

Venezuela's revolution of hunger: a photo essay

There are journalists who have been to Venezuela who offer good, honest reports and you and others on here dismiss them as "MSM lies" or "liberal, capitalist propaganda." You and other leading voices of SCNCC have thrown Venezuelans under the bus. Much of the left shares the same weird pro-fascist views, and journalists have noticed.

"This movement is dangerously glorifying a brutal dictator and promoting inaction. That is the worst combination for ordinary Venezuelans." What My Fellow Liberals Don’t Get About Venezuela



Finally, Chomsky is getting called out on his BS. https://www.wola.org/2019/03/peaceful-democratic-solution-venezuelas-crisis-requires-fact-based-analysis-advocacy/

Maduro is not as bad as the diabolical Kim Jong-un or Assad, but he's still a monster who is responsible for destroying millions of lives. So unless you, Gunther, John, David, Howard, and William are willing to walk back the initial support/defense of Maduro, condemn the dictator, and stand on the side of human rights, then continuing this conversation is pointless and it's over. I'm disgusted by the views you, SCNCCers, and many other leftists have expressed. Good luck with everything.