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Only cognitive dissonance explains the maintenance and enforcement of the War on Terror taboo

Admittedly, an issue not on topic but also not completely out of focus: 911 and its consequences. As the citizen of a nation at the receiving end of US power the tragedy of 911 and all the tragedies which followed will never be a taboo as they quite obviously are for a significant, possibly majority, part of the US, Canadian, Australian and New Zealand citizenry.

To me the case is rather clear: The official narrative is a work of lies and obfuscation. The Five Eyes conspired to render their populations ready to accept the War on Terrorism which actually is a War in pursuit of World Domination and Global Natural Resource Control. As the member of a nation which failed to regain national sovereignty after WWII, a self-inflicted failure to be sure, I cannot be silent about the criminal omission on the part of the Five Eyes' citizenry to properly and independently if not publicly investigate - and discuss - the events of 911 and hold the planners and executors of the tragic day's crimes responsible. 911 clearly is the crime of the century if not the millennium as far as the origin and conduct of never-ending wars is concerned, wars that resulted in many millions of victims and untold physical destruction of several countries. I will never, as long as I live, accept the official narrative, the most shoddy and intentionally inauthentic product of a criminal government. It may well be, though, that the truth of 911 will never be known just as the truth behind President Kennedy's assassination has never been independently and exhaustively explored and accepted by the world's historians as settled.


9/11 Truth: War on Terror or “War on Democracy”? The Physical Intimidation of Legislatures
By Prof. Graeme McQueen
Global Research, September 08, 2018

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The text of a talk given by Prof. Graeme MacQueen McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario, on Nov. 18, 2015.