• Welcome to the System Change Not Climate Change Community Forum. The Forum's goal is to promote exchange of information, discussion, and debate among ecosocialists and other activists who share our belief that capitalism is driving climate change and that a radical international grassroots movement can stop it.

Panel Discussion: Seattle Ecosocialist forum May 22nd...on Green New Deal, capitalism, etc.

carol dansereau

Staff member
I A Green New Future....And How to Win It
Wednesday May 22, 2019, 7:00 p.m.
Room 310, El Centro de la Raza, 2524 16th Ave. S, Seattle

Speakers and Group Discussion on:
* the capitalist roots of climate devastation, low wages, poverty and war.​
* the Green New Deal​
* where our power really lies​
* changing how we fight so we can win​

Sponsors: System Change Not Climate Change
International Socialist Organization
Socialist Alternative
Seattle DSA Ecosocialist Caucus

There will be speakers from each of these organizations, followed by group discussion.
Speakers: Carol Dansereau, Asher Stein, Eva Metz, Kendall Gregory

FMI: https://www.redmayseattle.org/week3