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People vs. Oil & Gas Infrastructure Summit, Pittsburgh, PA Nov 17-20, 2017

Steve Ongerth

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People vs. Oil & Gas Infrastructure Summit, Pittsburgh, PA Nov 17-20, 2017

The oil and gas industry is aggressively expanding -- promoting pipelines, oil trains, LNG export facilities, fracked gas power plants and more to support the continued expansion and export of these dirty fossil fuels. This infrastructure boom threatens to lock in fossil fuel production for decades to come - impacting frontline communities, threatening the global climate and harming people’s air, water, and health. But across North America, people are rising up to challenge the oil and gas infrastructure boom, fighting instead for a clean energy future.

Join us at the People vs. Oil & Gas Infrastructure, A Summit for Communities fighting back from Nov. 17-20 in Pittsburgh, PA for the largest gathering to date of groups fighting new fossil fuel infrastructure. Whether you’re fighting a pipeline, refinery expansion, oil train facility, LNG plant or fracking wells this summit is for you! Our focus will be coordination and communication to strengthen, reinforce and support each other to face, fight and defeat new oil and gas infrastructure.

Host committee : Earthworks, Stand.earth, Stop The Frack Attack, Movement Strategy Center, Bold Alliance, Delaware Riverkeeper Network, Oil Change International, Waterkeeper Alliance, The Center for Coalfield Justice, The Center for Biological Diversity, 350.org, Sierra Club, Fractracker, Marcellus Butler Outreach, Pennsylvania Alliance for Clean Water and Air, Rising Tide North America, Native Organizing Alliance, and Camp White Pine.

If your organization can contribute funds to enable more grassroots leaders to attend, please email Robby at Robby@dcactionlab.com or call him at 631-241-5966.

Please let us know if you’re interested in attending by filling out this form so we can keep you up to date on the summit.