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Peruvian Rainforest Protectors: Filmmakers Need Help

Yesterday, the Bay Area's Sunflower Alliance received this appeal from filmmaker Nicole Karsin and her team to support completion of a documentary film entitled "Amazonia Lot 1-AB."

From: Nicole Karsin
Date: Thu, Sep 21, 2017 at 12:44 PM
Subject: Amazonia Lot 1-AB crew reporting from Peru-- please share on social media

Dispatch from Lima:

Last night we filmed Achuar tribal leader Carlos Sandi give a speech at an event commemorating the 10 year anniversary of the UN Declaration of Rights of Indigenous Peoples. Sandi reported that Achuar communities have paralyzed 80% of operations on Peru's largest oil field, and it is just the beginning.... Today we are filming a mobilization front of PetroPeru to protest the negation of the Prior Consultation process for Lot 192, (formerly Lot 1-AB). On Friday night we leave for Iquitos, will be there Saturday and Sunday we leave for the Achuar communities. We will travel on boat with tribal leader Carlos Sandi for security.


Achuar Tribal Leader Carlos Sandi

Dear colleague,

Based on the amazing work Sunflower Alliance does, I'm writing to ask for your support to share an urgent project on social media with your community. We have been working on this documentary feature for the past few years, and right now is a crucial moment in the 46-year saga of indigenous peoples' resistance to big oil in the Peruvian Amazon. Our crew is in Peru and shooting this story as it unfolds, but in order to do so we need the support of Sunflower Alliance .

We are not asking you for money, but rather to share our Kickstarter campaign with your social media community. If you have already shared, we hope you will please share again. The story is incredibly important and we need to raise production funds for this timely but costly shoot.

We have until September 29 to raise $35K and we have already raised $25,726. But we only have 8 more days. The terms are all or nothing.


Dark secrets of poisoned waters in the remote Peruvian Amazon are revealed in this documentary political thriller when indigenous communities take on Big Oil. As oil extraction wreaks havoc on sacred Achuar lands, visionary leader Apu Tomas Maynas spearheads a non-violent campaign to protect the Achuar people's territory and their very survival. Lot 192 (formerly called Lot 1-AB), the tribal rainforest-turned-oilfield, becomes the epicenter of an ongoing battle that pits the power of corporations in collusion with governments against the rising voices of native peoples.

Struggles like ‘Standing Rock’ have been an everyday event for numerous communities across the Amazon since the 1970s when drilling for oil began there. The Achuar communities have been brave water protectors for nearly half a century, and sadly their predicament is not an anomaly. Amazonian indigenous federations have been demanding the remediation of this toxic mess left by four decades of unconscionable crude extraction, the clean up cost of which is an estimated $1bn.

In 2012, Peru ratified the right for free, prior, & informed consent for its indigenous peoples. But the government is violating it's own laws. Tribal federations representing 16 communities whose ancestral land was turned into Peru’s largest oil field are demanding to be consulted on a deal for a 30 year lease that the Peruvian government wants to grant to a Canadian oil company.

Tired of the government’s bad faith and broken promises, last month tribal leaders gave the government an ultimatum -- 20 days to respond to their demand to be consulted, or else they’ve repeatedly said they would halt oil production. Their slogan has been No Consultation, No oil. The 20-day-deadline passed this week and yesterday the tribal federations received a notice stating that the Prior Consultation Process request was DENIED.

The film’s director Nicole Karsin is in Peru to shoot the pending showdown between the Amazonian communities and the government. She has permission and support from the tribal leaders to film. She’s meeting her crew in Lima and they’ll be traveling on an expedition-like voyage to the forgotten corners of the Amazon to document this story and share it with the world. Everything is lined up except for the funding.

Please stand with indigenous rights and voices in the Peruvian Amazon. Protect the rainforest and its guardians. Please support this documentary production and help us bring this vital story of indigenous resistance to big oil to the world.

Please share the project on social media with your community. Below are suggested posts.

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Suggested FB posts:

Amazonia Lot 1-AB follows native Achuar water protectors who confront Big Oil in US Court. Join us in this journey through the Peruvian Amazon and help disseminate their voices. Please share and back the film’s Kickstarter campaign here. No contribution is too small. Amazonia Lot 1-AB

Support indigenous peoples’ voices and rights in the Amazon as they defend the environment and their lives from Big Oil. Help complete this vital film Amazonia Lot 1-AB. Amazonia Lot 1-AB

Native peoples’ rights to consent and consultation on their territories are being tested in Peru’s Amazon today. Please support the production of this vital documentary film that will share this story with the world. Amazonia Lot 1-AB

Suggested Twitter posts:

Pls share & back this Kickstarter campaign to help tell the world this story of brave Achuar communities resisting Big Oil in the Amazon. Join us! Amazonia Lot 1-AB

Stand with #IndigenousRights This story needs to be told and we can’t make it without you! #WaterIsLife #NoMorePipelines Amazonia Lot 1-AB

Join us in this journey! Become part of the production team of this documentary! #IndigenousLandRights #WaterIsLife #AmazoniaLot1AB http://kck.st/2wjIk

If you have any questions, please Lyn Goldfarb 323 821-8060 or lynfilm@gmail.com. She is staffing the project in LA while Nicole is in the Amazon.

Thank you.

The Amazonia Lot 1-AB Team

Nicole Karsin, Lyn Goldfarb, Tessa Auberjonois, Laura Laplana