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Review of 2nd Edition of Salleh's Book

Sandra Lindberg

I have a review of Salleh's Ecofeminism as Politics in Against the Current. Hope you check it out :)

"Embodied Materialism" and Ecosocialism, by Sandra Lindberg
"Embodied Materialism" and Ecosocialism | Solidarity

From the review:

Salleh’s concept of a greatly enlarged and united class of labor, meta-industrial workers, would create the critical mass of people needed to effectively oppose capitalism.

Salleh and other ecofeminists understand that women and men are of Nature. Culture is an aspect of Nature. As many other animals use their abilities to create cultures, communities and environments, so do humans.

The difference between humans and other animals is that nothing has been powerful enough to keep in check patriarchy’s drive to create culture/structure/habitat adaptation — until now.​

At present, patriarchy’s intrusive culture has so covered the planet that it is at last altering planetary systems. The changes patriarchy is bringing to Earth’s temperature, the health of seas and bodies of fresh water, the viability of soils and ecologies around the world, all create conditions that are impeding, and will continue to check, patriarchy’s drive to take and transform the earth without regard for its effects on the planet as a whole.

All people now live in a time when the planet’s physical reality will halt the androcene pursuit of what some men call “progress” and “development.”