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Richard Smith: Six Theses on Saving the Planet

David Klein

This hard hitting analysis of "green capitalism" and explanation of the impossibility of solving the climate crisis within the framework of any form of capitalism is essential reading for all ecosocialists.


Six Theses on Saving the Planet
Six Theses on Saving the Planet

Richard Smith
November 3rd, 2016


"Why are we cooking the climate, consuming the future? Why can’t we slam on the brakes before we barrel off the cliff to collapse? In my work I’ve argued that the problem is rooted in the very nature of our economic system. Large corporations are destroying life on earth, but they can’t help themselves, they can’t change enough to save the planet. So long as we live under this system, we have little choice but to go along with destruction, to keep pouring on the gas instead of slamming on the brakes. The only alternative—impossible as this may seem—is to overthrow this global economic system and the governments of the one percent that prop it up. We should replace them with a global economic democracy, a radical bottom-up political democracy, an eco-socialist civilization. I’m going to restate my argument here in the form of six theses."