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The fires this time and their implications for eco-socialists

Steve Ongerth posted the following link:

Emergency of global warming too serious to ignore
No representatives of capitalism dealing with it
Affects all other political issues
There ARE solutions
Socialists should connect the dots and explain: It's not human caused; it's capitalist caused

Planet Emergency Part II: Connect the Dots!

Richard S replied:

Yes it does connect the dots between the fires and the economy and correctly points out that socialists are the only ones out there who are going to make these connections. But it seems hyperbolic and problematical to me. It blames the capitalists not capitalism so misses the fact that workers, unions, consumers, governments all back growing consumption so we need to address that. It’s a systemic problem not just the capitalists and Republicrats vs. the masses. It supports tech fixes like carbon sequestration and removing carbon in the atmosphere without acknowledging the need to suppress industrial output, shut down and/or retrench industries, "degrow” much of the economy. And it’s needlessly sectarian toward Sanders who of course is not really a socialist like us but who is pushing a program, Medicare for All, which is virtually socialist in this country (as the capitalist media tell us daily). So we can and should work with this guy on this issue, the $15 minimum wage, and other issues.

David K responded:


Perhaps my standards are lower than yours, but with a banner right at the top of the article that says "Death to Capitalism" and "general strike", I think this is a positive step forward. It is rare example of somebody somewhere actually identifying captialism as being the fundamental problem in this age of near universal idiocy.