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The First Ecosocialist International: Combined Strategy and Plan of Action

Kamran Nayeri

The following is the manifesto of a gathering of "around 100 people from 19 countries and five continents, 12 original peoples from Our America, and ecosocialist activists from 14 states of Venezuela" that decided to launch what they have called "The First Ecosocialist International." The meeting was covered by TeleSUR, Venezuela government news agency. The manifesto includes a "combined strategy and plan of action" which the authors invite a discussion of and others to join in.

"The First Ecosocialist International is not just another meeting, nor another conference of intellectuals to define ecosocialism. We believe that ecosocialism will define itself to the extent that it is reflected and conceptualized in praxis; based on what we do and what we are. Nor is the First Ecosocialist International a single organization or a rubber stamp in constant danger of becoming a bureaucracy. It is a common program of struggle, with moments of encounter and exchange, which anyone may join, by committing themselves to fulfilling one or more of the various actions agreed upon here in order to relieve our Mother Earth. No person or process can be owner or protagonist of that which is done and achieved collectively.

"We invite all peoples, movements, organizations, collectives and beings in the world to join the First Ecosocialist International, and to undertake the collective construction of a program for the salvation of Mother Earth. By restoring a lost spirituality we may arrive at a new one; a new and sometimes ancient ecosocialist ethic, sacred and irreverent, fed by the sun of conscience. We are recreating our spirituality with a new imagination and a new heartbeat, which may carry us to unity and diversity. The understanding and practice of this new spirituality will have the power to repel empire and capitalism which are powered by greed, and it will be able to strengthen our peoples and cultures which are conditioned by necessities. Because right now we are not living – we are merely surviving. We confront a contradiction: restore life, or lead it to extinction. We must choose."

The First Ecosocialist International: Combined Strategy and Plan of Action

Kamran Nayeri

Quincy Saul is the co-founder of Ecosocialist Horizons. He has written the following email to a few of SCnCC members who have been in communication with David Schwartzman and him about the Venezuela ecosocialist meeting that has launched "The First Ecosocialist International." Saul's email provides more information and as he explains there will be more material from the meeting forthcoming. Here is the text of his email:

Dear friends,
thank you for your interest and enthusiasm!

For more details about what happened in Venezuela, there will be more articles and reports forthcoming soon in english. Most of the press so far has been in spanish (some links compiled here: The First Ecosocialist International is Born! )

For multimedia, there are about a dozen facebook albums and hundreds of pictures circulating on facebook (try the Ecosocialist Horizons facebook page and the Convocatoria a la Primera Internacional Ecosocialista page for starters...) And there are some short videos which will be subtitled in english in the coming year... here's the first:

If you would like to formally or informally adhere, to be a part of the Ecosocialist International, you can begin immediately. As it says at the end of the Combined Strategy and Plan of Action:

HOW TO BE PART OF THE FIRST ECOSOCIALIST INTERNATIONAL In the first place, we believe along with Jose Marti that “the best way to say is to do.” The best way to be part of the First Ecosocialist International is to commit yourself to fulfilling one or more of the actions in this collective strategy and plan of action. In this way, your collectives, organizations, and movements will be “part of the First Ecosocialist International.” No individual or group is the First Ecosocialist International alone; it is only when we are. If you would like the name of your collective, organization or movement to appear alongside others on a list that will be compiled, or to send pictures or reports about actions taken which contribute to the fulfillment of this plan, they will be welcome at the following addresses: llamadodelosduendes@gmail.com (in Spanish) / prefiguration@gmail.com (in English).

In terms of the next steps in the USA, Ecosocialist Horizons is working with Cooperation Jackson towards a convergence in Mississipppi in April 2018, where there will be a formal "launch" of the First Ecosocialist International in the USA. There are some smaller regional gatherings planned as well... I'm involved in planning something in New York City with a new black arts movement and Resistance in Brooklyn in mid-January, and there may be some kind of launch event with the Labor Community Strategy Center in Los Angeles in the first months of 2018.
The next larger international gathering on the Route of Struggle is planned for Bolivia October-November 2018 in Cochabamba, specifically focused on "Sowers and Defenders of Water", there is already a preliminary invitation circulating for that in spanish.

Stay tuned to the Ecosocialist Horizons website or facebook page, or to the pages of any of the other organizations which are listed at the bottom of the plan of action, for more details. In the meantime happy to answer any further questions about this historic good news,


Quincy Saul​