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"The Occupation of the American Mind". Israel's public relations war in the US. [1 hr 25 min]

Propaganda leads to indoctrination. Helped by their semi-peninsular geographic position Americans are one of the most comprehensively streamlined populations I ever encountered. Political and corporate propaganda is not only highly sophisticated, fine-tuned by the most experienced minds of the field, it is also ever-present, rained on its recipients for many decades.

The genocidal crimes of the US and Israel are equally effectively whitewashed as is the barrage of lies and fake news disseminated by their leaders and their countries' obedient media. Change the narrative and repeat the message often enough and you score. Not much of a difference between Golda and Reagan, Netanyahu and Obama. Trump only holds the pool position in this field of Israel bootlickers.

Even climate change is being subjected to the same forces of manufacturing minds.

There are some few amazing differences, though: While Haaretz publishes a few steadfast fighters for justice, there are no comparable dissenting voices among US media. The shocking uniformity of opinion and the reflexive damnation and punishment of dissenters are, to me, the most regrettable realities here in America, not to mention her inability to listen to anyone but herself. Gunther

Occupation of the American Mind - WATCH THE FILM FOR FREE