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"The Radical Transformation of Palestine's Environment" by Yousef Abu Safieh

Sandra Lindberg

Recently brought to my attention is an effort to discuss Zionism and feminism at the AIPAC Conference this year. This is from Tithi Bhattacharya's Facebook page:

Socialist Feminists I need your help.

llyse Hogue the president of NARAL and Amy Everitt the California head of NARAL are speaking at AIPAC. Indeed, Amy Everitt is speaking on a panel called Zionism and Feminism.

Some very brave antizonists are trying to build pressure for them to pull out. Please share this post to help this important effort. The hashtag they are using is #SkipAIPAC

Reproductive Justice cannot exclude Justice for Palestine.
Our feminism is always anticolonial.
#SkipAIPAC #feminism499 #anticolonialfeminism

The announcement got me wondering about environmental issues in Palestine. I also offer a link so people who follow this list understand the relationship between Palestinian occupation and the people's environmental struggles. Hope you also check out: "The Radical Transformation of Palestine's Environment" by Yousef Abu Safieh.

I hope those following and contributing to this thread find the information as important as I have. Colonialism wears many masks.