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"The Rise of the Rights of Nature" by Rapid Transition Alliance

Sandra Lindberg

One way to rein in human narcissism is to collectively agree, as a growing number of communities and countries do, that ecosystems should be recognized as "persons" If such a concept can be applied to an artificially constructed legal entity, the corporation, all the more reason for an 'entity' with an undeniable physical reality and needs for survival of its own to be so recognized. In "The Rise of the Rights of Nature" by Rapid Transition Alliance background information about this concept and how it can support a rapid turn from rapacious capitalism seems not only an important approach, but an effective and quick tool, too.

We need all the ideas in an onslaught against capitalism that attacks the hydra from all sides. Recognizing the rights of nature should be part of how we wage our fight against a system that threatens all living systems.