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Tom Goldtooth: Carbon Trading Is "Fraudulent" Scheme to Privatize Air and Forests and Permit Polluti

Ted F

Great interview. Tom Goldtooth is a leading voice the international movement against carbon trading schemes. Yesterday, his group, Indigenous Environmental Network (EIN) and Climate Justice Alliance (CJA) released an important study of the fallacies underlying carbon pricing as a means of bringing about a just and sustainable future. If you want to dig deeper into the issues Tom raised on Democracy Now!, you can click here to read or download the report.

The Climate Justice Alliance (CJA) and Indigenous Environmental Network (IEN), along with other US-based members of the social, environmental and climate justice communities and global alliances have platforms calling for leaving 80% of the current totality of fossil fuel reserves under the ground and ocean in order to avoid global temperatures rising to no more than 1.5°C. How will this transition away from fossil fuel extraction be organized within our respective communities? What will the consequences be for people, our communities, humanity, ecosystems, habitat and all life? Issues of climate and environmental injustice and equity cannot be avoided if such questions are to be addressed.

Excerpts from the report:

"Carbon pricing has come to dominate the white environmental and climate movements as well as the debate on how to curb climate change. It is with grave concern that the Indigenous Environmental Network and the Climate Justice Alliance have come together to produce this series of publications on carbon pricing in response to the promotion of false solutions that continue to concentrate power, imprison communities, and solely focuses on carbon emissions and not root causes. Although the publication is aimed primarily at a North American audience, we hope that it can also be a useful tool for communities elsewhere who are impacted by – and are resisting – carbon pricing and all of its synonyms as a master strategy for tackling global warming."


"...because tradeable carbon pollution permits are used mainly to hedge and speculate rather than comply with state-set caps, cap and trade systems will always intrinsically be “unable to set the steady and sustainable carbon price that is theoretically required to drive firms’ investments in low-carbon technologies” (Berta, Gautherat and Gun 2016). So perhaps the first question for carbon market advocates who claim that carbon price signals will lead toward climate action and a greener capitalism should be: What price signal?"

Read the full report.