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Too Little, Too Late: Climate Crisis and the OFF Act Bill of Congresswoman Tulsi Gabber

Kamran Nayeri

Food & Water Action Off Fossil Fuels campaign is promoting Congresswoman from Hawai'i Tulsi Gabber's OFF Act bill that claims a just transition to 100% "clean" renewables by 2035. David Jones is skeptical and has written the following as a critique of the bill. As a working person with a history of working for ecological causes and a grandfather, Jones is skeptical of OFF Act bill because its promise is contingent on "no harm to the U.S. economy." He argues that only a stop of economic growth is a meaningful response and the basis for the solution to the climate and other existential crisis. What do you think?

Too Little, Too Late: Climate Crisis and the OFF Act Bill of Congresswoman Tulsi Gabber

Sandra Lindberg

I greatly appreciate David Jones' critique. My favorite line: "And to not make possibly condescending assumptions about one’s audience." So often fearful people with little imagination justify their reticence by assuming they know what most people are thinking, or what most people will tolerate or understand. That tactic is the worst kind of poor reasoning. Jones is right to call it out.

We have never been where we now are. The complex realities we face are hitting people in such diverse ways that no one can possible claim to know how most people think about any of this.

Jones is right: we do our studying, we speak our truth, we fight hard for what we believe in. None of it may be enough. But what's the alternative? I love this planet, and I love my friends and family. So I keep working at a set of problems so difficult they continually tax my understanding.

David J

Thanks Sandra. I fully realize that on the abstract level a slogan like Want What You Desire is easy to proclaim,while nuts and bolts organizing requires nuance. I am now trying to work with Democratic Socialists of America with all the theoretical variation that entails. As with ecosocialists, different tendencies debating over a strategic way forward is both hopeful and exhausting. The encouraging thing is all the young people at our local chapter, people without all the Cold War inhibitions and sectarian-left baggage, excited to learn and mix it up. My fishing guide colleagues, with diverse educations and backgrounds, are all open to a radical critique of political economy (as long as I buy the first round!) What they won't do is sign another petition or call their moron Representative.