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water bottle quote

Yesterday, Lisa and I discussed an interview on Democracy Now of a woman freed from prison after 40 years and her reaction to the prevalence of water bottles. Her comments are instructive and might be useful to our campaign to eliminate plastic water bottles from CSUN.

JUAN GONZÁLEZ: After 40 years in prison, what’s been your biggest surprise, coming out, coming out into the rest of the world?

DEBBIE AFRICA: I think the biggest—I’m not going to say “surprise,” but I think the biggest—like the biggest thing that just is so kind of offensive to me is having to buy water, bottled water. I think that is the thing that annoyed me, because—and I say not surprising because John Africa warned us about this over 40 years ago and said that if the system keeps going the way it’s going, that we would be—we would actually have to buy water, drink water, you know, have to scoff for water—and air, at this point. And so, to have to buy water, when water is supposed to be running free, free of germs, free of poison—you know, to have to buy that is just a testament to what John Africa has been telling us, has told us over 40 years ago—


DEBBIE AFRICA: —and how serious things are.

AMY GOODMAN: MOVE was a back-to-nature movement. We only have a minute. But, Debbie, you gave birth behind bars, and you were determined that officers wouldn’t be involved. How did you do it?

The complete video and transcript are available here:

Meet Debbie Africa: First MOVE 9 Member to Be Freed in 40 Years & Now Reunited with Her Son, Mike | Democracy Now!