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We Must Challenge Capitalist Attempts at "Solutions" to Climate Change

Ted F

I like what you shared:

The author of this piece wrote about global dimming and the military:

"Absent from the report is any acknowledgement that we are already at 1.5°C and even over. This additional half-degree – if not an entire degree – is being held at bay by the cloud of sulfates enveloping the Earth generated by burning fossil fuels. If we are to decarbonize our way of life, that means stopping the burning of fossil fuels and letting the sulfates settle to the ground and letting the sun shine in – to add to the heat."

"Indeed, the United States military is the biggest single polluter and user of fossil fuels on the planet. If one requires an introduction to its inveterate environmental depredations, Jamail has chronicled numerous examples in the Pacific Northwest. Failing to take those depredations into account invalidates any attempt at realistic assessment of the problem."