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"What To Do About Predictions of Imminent Food Collapse" by Sandra Lindberg

Sandra Lindberg

"As a member of System Change Not Climate Change, this morning I received links to a couple of YouTube videos about stresses on 2019 crop production. Produced by climate scientist Paul Beckwith, the videos portray the world as teetering on the brink of a profound food shortage. Like so many articles and videos these days, Beckwith’s videos suggest that we’ll all be starving come September. Beckwith describes how the majority of US farm acres have not been planted this year, a reality that is reflected in what I see in Central and Southern Illinois. According to the University of Illinois Extension report, only 10% of Illinois acres have been planted as of May, 2019. Fields are bare or still under water in many areas. It's a strange sight in a part of the country where usually the corn is about a foot high this time of year.

One big issue I have with Beckwith’s reporting though: he makes no distinction between commodity grain crops versus actual human food crops..."
What To Do About Predictions of Imminent Food Collapse