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What Will it Take to Avert Collaps?

What Will it Take to Avert Collapse?
By Richard Heinberg, David Fridley, originally published by Resilience.org
  • September 19, 2018
What Will it Take to Avert Collapse? - Resilience

An all-important question confronting a world population not at all ready for it.

The study itself, as the article points out, is not comprehensive enough yet a worthwhile attempt at answering a mind-boggling dilemma.

Tom W10 days ago
I think it is a worthwhile study since it shows what is required and makes those (few) who read it aware of how unlikely it is we will accomplish it. It's not even worth talking about 1.5 C since there is no chance in hell for us to do it.

I agree. Also, I don't believe in miracles. What is all the palaver about when signs are abundant that only a minuscule percentage (more likely permille) of humanity has a clue of how serious the problem, how urgent radical Umdenken and political decision-making and how monumental the task at hand. When a major part of humanity starts hurting it will be too late to get serious. Gunther