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Why are people still so resentful toward feminists?


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Shein Reviews I really don't get it. Maybe I'm being willfully naive or generous to the human spirit or something but it still puzzles me that so many people can continue to say so many hurtful things about women or about any women who would consider themselves feminist or pro-equal rights.

I mean yes, I know there are still people in the world who are hateful, who hate Jews, who hate African Americans, people of Asian descent etc. because they look different or speak differently. But the sheer number of average otherwise decent people who still hold oppressive or harbor dangerously vicious views toward feminists is confusing.

Aren't they just trying to win and maintain equal rights, protection, and respect for women so like any other marginalized people group they can be treated as fully human?

Why would that be threatening or upsetting to anyone?
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Sandra Lindberg

I am glad you are asking the question. Next step: ask your friends what they think. Consider how this issue also relates to capitalism and its tendency to divide people into warring groups. I hope you report back on your conversations.

David J

As Sandra points out some feminists push past equal rights to equal power and them's fightin words! Nobody gives up power without a struggle, even "decent" people. But especially white males.