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Women of Uruguay Conference


  • Protesters at a feminist march in Uruguay. | Photo: EFE
Published 3 November 2017

"All Voices, All Women" marks the theme of the two day event, which began on Friday and where “all voices count,” said Florencia Anzalone, a conference organizer.

During an opening session, organizer Hekatherina Delgado said “the women’s movement in Uruguay has always been strong."

"Above and beyond that, it’s necessary to politicize the current realities that women experience in Uruguay," she added.

Organizers noted that more than 145,000 are currently suffering from domestic abuse in the country and that women earn 27 percent less than men for doing the same work.

Twenty one distinct panels at EMU will discuss and debate topics such as abortion, femicide, sexual reproduction rights, economics and patriarchy in Uruguay.

Anzalone added that women from all over the country are attending the event, mentioning that she hopes the conference will later take place in different parts of the country in the future so that women can address gender issues particular to each region.

The free event, which will run until Sunday, will culminate in an organized march from Independence Plaza to the University of the Republic in Montevideo.

Originally posted at Telesur: 'Women of Uruguay' Conference in Montevideo Takes on Patriarchy