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Zapatistas and Scientists Imagine a New System

For the second time, Zapatista students, identities hidden behind masks, have invited scientists from a wide variety of subject areas to teach and dialogue with the young revolutionaries. The goal? To redesign science's relationship with the people. In a capitalist world where even scientists who pursue so-called pure science must find funding from corporate interests, the Zapatistas envision a world where science works for the planet and the people.

The Zapatistas demand that science be reimagined by both scientists and the grassroots together as a technique of resistance. Decolonizing science requires scientists to organize in their own communities, and to deconstruct how their own research methodologies and epistemologies have been employed as tools of colonialism and neocolonialism. Such a process of decolonization also demands scientists become engaged allies, co-conspirators, and accomplices who can share methodological and theoretical insights with grassroots movements about how to build a new vision of science within the cracks of capital’s wall.
Read the entire article here: "Cracks in the Wall of Capitalism" Cracks In Wall Of Capitalism: Zapatistas And Struggle To Decolonize Science | PopularResistance.Org
In the same way it is a chance for indigenous communities to redesign their relationship to science. Just as the revolution was the synthesis of Marxism, feminism and an indigenous cosmovision. Definitely the way forward. Two of my female comrades ( we call our collective Zootown Zapatistas) are there right now participating in the International Women's Encuentro. Very jealous.