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    Blow Up A Pipeline

    When it comes to tactical innovation, the global climate justice movement has been stuck in a rut. Prior to Covid, we witnessed decades of one-off marches and rallies, scattered direct actions (the Blockadia celebrated by Naomi Klein) and the more recent intervention by Extinction Rebellion (XR)...
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    A defense of Planet of the Humans

    Great points you two, appreciate the depth of this discussion. I'll start with a rebuttal on reforms: I suppose what is needed is some metric for measuring the amount of "working class power" that has been gained via reform. As opposed to how much legitimacy capitalist "democracy" has gained...
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    A defense of Planet of the Humans

    That the film touched such a raw nerve within the climate movement is telling. I tried to be nuanced in my own critique, applauding the points around growth while pointing to errors and misrepresentations, but even good comrades saw it in black or white. almost tribal, terms. A sign of the...
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    The Conservation Revolution: Radical Ideas for Saving Nature Beyond the Anthropocene

    With my limited understanding (having read a couple articles) is appears to be the Cart / Horse dilemma familiar to all who work on climate change. Barring socialist revolution we try to mitigate and find our mitigation delays revolution. I don't find setting aside half the planet's land mass a...
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    Bendell's Deep Adaptation

    Thanks Egalitarian, I have no doubt Bendell's politics are radical and this invitation to the Left to engage is sincere. Having spent time on the forum I still see confusion resulting from the terms "adaptation" and "mitigation". To join, one must accept the proposition that "near-term (within...
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    Bendell's Deep Adaptation

    Egalitarian: I may be jumping to conclusions based on reading one essay and watching a short video so I signed up to forum to learn more. I do see how struggle can be equated with adapting, but again, messaging has to confront the problem of implicit vs explicit meanings. Ten there are the...
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    "We Are All Hong Kongers" - An Op-Ed by Richard Smith

    As a democrat I support the sentiment expressed, but wonder whether increased democratic rights/ autonomy leads to lowered emissions in Hong Kong, China or anywhere? Given the strength of capitalist ideology, will people vote for de-growth? My own tendencies are libertarian, yet ironically, I am...
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    Bendell's Deep Adaptation

    Sorry I have come to this forum post so late- our reading group has had a number of discussions around Deep Adaptation- it has sparked so much interest. I am personally of the opinion that talk of adaptation is detrimental to the movement for radical change, that it confuses the messaging around...
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    What are we to make of AOC's recent legislative votes?

    It must be very grim to discover how the sausage really gets made in our capitalist "democracy". All the procedural maneuvering and limited range of actual choice, all designed by some very clever fellows. She can't vote to give ownership of the means of production to the workers. That's...
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    The Green New Deal's Magical Realism

    I agree Gene, the nature of work and the needed transformation in that sphere are largely missing in the discussion. Right now the Red/ Blue/ Green dialogue is struggling over the "just transition" language and the realization by labor that there world must change as well; fewer hours, more...
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    Anyone Who's Ever Taught Knows Fear Is a Lousy Motivator: why I will support this GND process, though it’s just the start of what is needed

    And yet I will argue, as Greta Thunberg does, that when your house is on fire, panic is the appropriate response. Is that the same as fear? I hope the panic translates into rage at the incrementalists and "realists" and defenders of the status quo. Many will say tone down the rhetoric. I say...
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    The Green New Deal's Magical Realism

    It is fascinating how the latest IPCC report detailing the narrow window to reduce emissions forced such a big change in the conversation. The harshness of that ticking clock was a reality check that did even more than Klein's book to jolt the system. Every lost day changes the equation, making...
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    Lots of Scurrying, but No Revolution in Sight: Review of Why Women Will Save the Planet, 2nd Ed., by Friends of the Earth and C40 Cities

    So true, Sandra, I can find a thousand books that describe the ills of society. Yet so few that care to critique the system itself.
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    Green New Deal and Ecosocialists: How To Proceed?

    Hey, I'll jump in! So how right I was about ecosocialists facing decisions. At the top of the list, should DSA ecosocialist Working Group (EWG) support Sunrise action/campaign? A vague resolution that doesn't mention fossil fuels, much less leaving them in the ground. Apparently Mc Connell...
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    Of Venezuela. The Situation Does Relate to Climate Change. And the US Has No Business Dictating Anything There

    It is such an old, corrupt narrative it is difficult to believe you even need to re-articulate it Sandra. New imperialism, same as the old imperialism. If you just spend one minute thinking of the concept of "economic sanctions", imposed by a country which has done so much pillaging in the...