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    Climate Change and a Dual Power Approach to Revolution

    Thanks for getting us thinking about dual power with this and other articles, Sandra. (And for introducing me to the Marxist Center, which I hadn't heard about.) I can see this idea growing around me here in Santa Cruz, though not yet in a very organized fashion. But I and others I know are...
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    Frieda's Extinction Rebellion talk power point

    We need all the allies we can get, and the Extinction Rebellion folks make a really strong case for the seriousness of the crisis and the need for drastic measures. But they are explicitly apolitical, seemingly assuming that civil disobedience alone will win the fight. To challenge the entire...
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    Fallout from September '18 EPA Groundwater Ruling Related to Coal Ash

    Right, thanks. And there's the wonderful (by now classic) book about water in the US west, Cadillac Desert. The incredible history of how capitalism, US-style "democracy", and a cast of amazingly greedy and powerful characters devastated whole regions of the country, especially in California.
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    Fallout from September '18 EPA Groundwater Ruling Related to Coal Ash

    Thanks for keeping us updated, Sandra. Wish I knew more about the groundwater world in California; water is such a disaster here generally.
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    I agree that the US (actually since well before WWII) is "an affront to the civilized world". My question would be how useful it is to discuss US foreign policy alternatives without a radical change in the US itself, even the end of the US as we know it. Is there any hope for reforming US...
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    Just Transition article: Urban Blight, Trustee Lots and a Land Bank: residents in Decatur IL stand at the crossroads

    A hugely informative article, Sandra. I knew nothing about any of these "redevelopment" methods, and, as you say, our ignorance just makes it easy for powerful forces to have their way, leaving out the folks that were supposed to be benefited. Here in Santa Cruz, we're watching our campaign for...
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    China’s Drivers and Planetary Ecological Collapse

    I agree. I think we need to keep returning to Gramsci's pessimism "because of intelligence", but optimism "because of will". We get nowhere telling people that what we want is impossible. But we have to be realistic about the path. Do we really believe that we can make "demands" of any sort...
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    Taking on the capitalist energy system

    Here's an interesting article from the latest Jacobin for your Earth Day weekend reading: Eco-Socialism or Bust Written by DSA Providence members, it gets deeper into the production and distribution of energy than other recent eco-socialist articles I've seen and discusses a specific campaign...
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    Earth Day

    Earth Day celebrations, happening in many places in the United States this weekend, are a great place to present and discuss ecosocialist ideas with an audience that may be unfamiliar with them. Here's a two-sided flyer you can use to get those conversations started. It has a space on the back...
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    Ag Bill Needs to Support Racial Equity

    Thanks for this, Sandra. Through the NSAC website, I found a member organization in my own city that I didn't know about! Hard to imagine the "leadership" in Washington getting on board with a farm bill that would bring serious changes, but it's great that we have the NSAC to point out the...
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    Capitalism and agriculture (and country music) in the US

    Check out this wonderful article from Viewpoint Magazine on how capitalism has changed the lives of US farmers, driving many out of business, embedding others in the corporate seed/pesticide/fertilizer industry, and now automating almost everything about the farming process. Alongside this...
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    Plans for Regeneration Midwest Alliance (of organic growers)

    Thanks, Sandra. From this I'm learning a little about Regeneration International. I still need to learn what's shared between regenerative agriculture and the diversified agro-ecological systems promoted by the International Panel of Experts on Sustainable Food Systems. And between Regneration...
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    Emergency Sustainable Infrastructure

    Thanks for this, Derian. I'd say what you're describing are important features of the World We Want, often neglected when people talk about that world. (And in my view we don't spend enough time talking about it.) The problem, as ecosocialists often ask each other, is how to get there. Either...
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    Pollution and industrial agriculture

    This article on "agricultural pollution" is from, a site that's maintained by and for gardening enthusiasts, not a food justice organization or environmental NGO, so the word is getting out. It's a good overview of the categories of pollution arising from industrial agriculture...
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    Climate change serious threat to CA agriculture

    Lots to think about in this article, especially for us Californians. Clearly the effects on the massive California food export business are going to be extreme, but you can't help wondering how well California will be able to feed and provide water for itself. I'm curious about the claim that...