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    Looking Back at the Berkeley-Oakland Women's Union Circa 1974

    I am so glad you posted this. Will share with sisters here in Illinois!
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    Land-Grant Universities Could Help to End Systemic Racism in the Way We Produce Food

    The prevailing connections between our food system and institutional racism continue to privilege affluent whites, while large numbers of US citizens still have insufficient access to good food. Here are the goals of a new report: In this essay, we examine institutional expressions of racism in...
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    Capitalism's Attack on Rural Health Care

    When privileged urban white folks tell me that capitalism is at its root a decent system and that its ill effects are only mildly troubling for them, I share articles like the one below. In rural America, where profit dictates who gets healthcare, farmers and farm workers are putting their...
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    Invisible Exploitation by Eva Swidler in MR

    Last month's Monthly Review offered Swidler's "Invisible Exploitation." A few excerpts below: In short, the capitalist exploitation of labor outside and beyond the wage form has been well documented for many years. Yet many Marxists continue to focus on the wage as the singular embodiment of...
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    Ag Bill Needs to Support Racial Equity

    September '18 brings the expiration of the current agricultural bill. Groups such as the National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition have developed demands that would promote racial equity in the farm bill. Read here about problems with the current rules and how the new ag bill could bring...
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    Capitalism and agriculture (and country music) in the US

    Interesting periodical and an article now on the list for this weekend. Thanks for the post!
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    Plans for Regeneration Midwest Alliance (of organic growers)

    It would be helpful to know those details. Hope you post what you find.
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    Plans for Regeneration Midwest Alliance (of organic growers)

    This article from Popular describes midwestern organic farmers as working for system change in their goals and plans. Last month, Regeneration International and our partner organizations hosted a meeting at the MOSES Organic Farming Conference in La Crosse, Wisconsin, to gauge...
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    International Women's Day should be every day

    I'm posting a link here to an article from CWI about International Women's Day. One key section of the article offers the following: For capitalism one important role of the family is to carry the central burden of bringing up the next generation and caring for the sick and elderly. In the...
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    Is "Anthropocene" Being Appropriated for Problematic Purposes?

    Yes, Ian, you have effectively answered this charge. I simply wanted to bring awareness to those who are actually using this term to justify geoengineering or the continuation of the worst kind of capitalism. In other words, an author's use of the term anthropocene does not necessarily signal an...
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    Latest News from (Winter 2017-18):

    Great post! I've shared "Making Woods Work" with our local group: Sustain Our Natural Areas or SONA. Thank you.
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    Zapatistas and Scientists Imagine a New System

    David, that gathering sounds amazing. I'm jealous, too.
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    Dismantling Patriarchy, Building Food Sovereignty

    The panel will be in Chicago on March 9, 6-8:30 p.m. at People's Church of Chicago, 941 W. Lawrence Ave.
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    Dismantling Patriarchy, Building Food Sovereignty

    Thank you, Howard E., for sending this announcement my way: PANEL WILL EXPLORE CONNECTIONS BETWEEN WOMEN’S STRUGGLES AND THE RIGHT OF PEOPLE TO DETERMINE THEIR OWN FOOD FUTURES WHAT: Dismantling Patriarchy, Building Food Sovereignty Envisioning Food Sovereignty: Creativity, Resistance and...
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    Zapatistas and Scientists Imagine a New System

    Article's original can be found at: By David Meek, March 2, 2018 | CREATE!